ABUTUA (Cissampelos pareira)  30g View larger

ABUTUA (Cissampelos pareira) 30g


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ABUTUA (Cissampelos pareira)  30g

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Abuta is a woody, climbing rainforest vine with leaves up to 30 cm long. It produces inedible, dark, grape-sized berries. It belongs to the genus Cissampelos, of which thirty to forty species are represented in the tropics. Abuta vine is blackish-brown and tough; when freshly cut it has a waxy luster. Abuta is found throughout the Amazon in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia, and it is cultivated by many to beautify their gardens.


Main Actions (in order):
antispasmodic, antihemorrhagic (reduces bleeding), muscle relaxant, uterine relaxant, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure)

Main Uses:
for menstrual problems (pain, cramps, excessive bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis)
as a female tonic (hormonal balancing, menopausal libido loss, hormonal acne, premenstrual syndrome, childbirth)

for heart problems (irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, heart tonic)
as a general antispasmodic and muscle-relaxer (asthma, stomach cramps, muscle pain/strains, irritable bowel syndrome [IBS], diverticulitis)
for kidney support (kidney stones, kidney/urinary infections and pain)
Properties/Actions Documented by Research:
antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antioxidant, antispasmodic, diuretic, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), muscle relaxant, uterine relaxant

Other Properties/Actions Documented by Traditional Use:
analgesic (pain-reliever), antihemorrhagic (reduces bleeding), antiseptic, aphrodisiac, cardiotonic, diaphoretic (promotes sweating), expectorant, febrifuge (lowers fever), hepatoprotective (liver protector), stimulant, tonic (tones, balances, strengthens)

Cautions: It relaxes the uterus and is contraindicated in pregnancy. It may also potentiate medications used to treat hypertension.


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