Pennyroyal - Poejo - (Mentha pulegium) 30g View larger

Pennyroyal - Poejo - (Mentha pulegium) 30g


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Pennyroyal - Poejo - (Mentha pulegium) 30g

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(Mentha pulegium)




Pennyroyal tea is the use of an infusion made from the herb, the infusion is widely reputed as safe to ingest in restricted quantities. It has been traditionally employed and reportedly successful as an emmenagogue (menstrual flow stimulant) or as an abortifacient.

Other reported medicinal uses through history include treatment for fainting, flatulence, gall ailments, gout, and hepatitis (presumably Hepatitis A), and as a lung cleanser, a gum strengthener and, when ground with vinegar, a tumor remedy.

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