Annona muricata (Graviola) Cancer therapy 100g triturated View larger

Annona muricata (Graviola) Cancer therapy 100g triturated


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Graviola - (Annona muricata) 100g triturated

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Annona muricata

the Cancer blocker

Many studies point out that GRAVIOLA is very effective on cancer. The leaves from this tree have ACETOGENIN inside, which was discovered to be 10.000 times more efficient than the ADRIAMICINE (Chemotherapy). It does not attack healthy cells and has no sideeffects. Treat yourself with GRAVIOLA PILLS. NATURE CURES.
GRAVIOLA PILLS are the best alternative if Kobalt or Radium therapies cannot be applied, the surgeon cannot operate or the Chemotherapy already affected Kidneys and Liver and had to be discontinued.


Graviola (Annona muricata) in powder



2 times a day a little coffeespoon of Graviola dissolved in a cup of water.

Package with 100g