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Pholiamagra (Boraginaceae) 120 Pills


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Pholiamagra (Boraginaceae) 120 Pills

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120 Capsules

concentrated 20:1


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The PHOLIAMAGRA ® is a Brazilian herb (botanical family Boraginaceae), kown also in the United States and Europe, with concentrated extract of 20 to 1.

His fame in the world as a natural and healthy weight loss method is big, especially in competition with synthetic products.
The slimming effect of PHOLIAMAGRA ® is due to an active inhibitory activity in the central nervous system so that it acts as an appetite suppressant and helps to increase the fat burning mainly in the abdominal area, as well as stimulating the immune system. It can be used to prevent the deposition of fats in the walls of coronary arteries to reduce the risks of heart problems associated with obesity.

Pack of 120 capsules

One capsule before meals.