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ANTISCAL Hair restoring 1 months KIT

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ANTISCAL Hair restoring 1 months KIT

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Do you remember?

The 70´s Success ?

We resurrected this excellent Hair restoring kit for YOU!


ANTISCAL KIT restores your hair in short time!

Already after 3 months use you see the first blossoms ! It works! No ripoff. Serious product.

Purchasing 3 x 1 Months Kits you get 20% discount! Avoid postal delivery delays and catch your 3 months treatment with 20% discount.

Our 1 Months Treatment Kit includes

1 x 100ml  ANTISCAL Hair Elixir

2 x 100ml  Special AntiScal Shampoo.


If you use normal shampoos the effect of AntiScal will be diminuished.

Normal Shampoos have ingredients which slows down the cell division process which is provoked by ANTISCAL. Our Special Shampoo does not have these ingredients therefore it is the perfect KIT to restore your hair!



APPLY the ANTISCAL hair elixir by pipette on your head
and massage easily with your fingertips and without
great pressure in a circular way . It is sufficient,
when the head is moistened. One daily application is ok, at the beginning you can also make two treatments per day .
After 20 minutes exposure you can wash out the application with our special shampoo.
A slightly longer contact time is advantageous, however , for example, over the entire


1 x 100ml ANTI-SCAL Elixir

2 x 100ml Special Shampoo



In the early 70s of the last century
Finnish cancer researchers discovered a solution for all the people suffering
of Baldness and receding hairline.  As part of its fundamental research on skin cancer
they encountered a combination of substances that make their
hairless animals to renewed hair growth .

At a certain combination of substances then grew
hair on these animals. In the skin of these mice were
genetic conditions and hair follicles still
present but completely inactive. And these follicles
were apparently reactivated from the substances in question.
Under the microscope could be registered a new cell division activity
in a highly significant manner.

Case Study:

A 15 year old
Patient who had inexplicably complete hair loss.
All previously attempted therapies had been unsuccessful.
This was about the same time, how the re-sheet formation
(Hair growth) observed in the experimental animals. Since the
Raw materials used were completely harmless at all,
the researchers discussed the problem.
It was agreed to prepare a formulation for
this young and very unfortunate patient because
it represented no risk.

And the "miracle" happened.

On the head of the girl began after 5 - 6 weeks
first new hair visible to sprout. And after 9
Months she could renounce their artificial hairpiece.
Then were made larger series of experiments with people,
performed and strictly scientifically documented, controlled
by skin biopsies from the subjects at a timelapse of
3 months . The results were very good
and also were published.
Based on the strong results, the decision to go ahead and produce this product was made.


The preparation on
the Finnish market was a sensational success.
Without any advertising, only by some local press reports
and word-of-mouth propaganda the message spread 
like wildfire. There were sold over 400,000 bottles of the preparation.

in the first 6 months in small Finland